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Élodie Alexandre is a French ceramic artist and illustrator based in India. She holds a BA and an MA in Ceramics from Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD) in Wales, UK. She spent over ten years in the UK, where she moved in 2002 to work as a translator after completing her studies in modern languages in France. In 2008, she was admitted at CSAD where she learnt about and experimented with ceramics, drawing and the creative process. She was artist in residence at West Buckland School, Devon, UK in 2013-2014 following her MA. Life has taken her to India where she has just set up a studio.


Élodie makes illustrative constructions inspired by personal narratives, memories of places and everyday-life anecdotes associated with objects. Using multifaceted pieces, she creates dialogues that engage viewers in an intriguing, poetic world of personal images. The pieces explore the two and three dimensional and create an evocative and colourful universe which mixes the familiar and the unfamiliar, the personal and the universal.

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